Brunete is a welcoming town of primary residence. Its closeness to the capital and the fact that it hasn’t lost its essence throughout history, have made of Brunete the final destination of families that their children to grow in a secure ambiance, with vast green areas, cultural activities, well communicated and where everyone is willing to help when needed by any member of the community. In fact, out of the more than 10,700 registered residents, more than a 30% is less than 24 years old, which is an outstanding number.

As a town, we decided to grow horizontally, avoiding big edifications and instead investing in life quality, with many parks for both children and the elderly to enjoy. Brunete counts with many local and family-run businesses and companies. You can find all sort of products, always at the best price and excellent service. Our unemployment rate is amongst the lowest of the Comunidad de Madrid. We are also going to promote new business zone committed to the preservation of the environment.

Only God knows if you are to become the next member of our community! If so we will receive you with open arms. Here you will discover a town with a big soul. A tow that faces the future with every local’s optimism, hard work and enthusiasm. Because in Brunete, everyone counts


    13.8°C (56,84°F)

    The average annual temperature in Brunete is 13.8°C - 56,84°F .


    24.1°C (75,38°F).

    July is the warmest month of the year. The average temperature is 24.1 °C - 75,38°F.


    19.1°C (66,38°F).

    The average annual temperature in Brunete is 19.1 °C - 66,38°F.


    5.0°C (41°F)

    he coldest month is January with an average of 5.0 °C - 41°F.


In Brunete there is a great tradition of CASTILLIAN DANCES, derived from the Segovian dances such as "jotas" and "rondones", which with the passing of time have received different influences, adding the "seguidillas". On that same note, Brunete's traditional costume still has its segovian roots. Out of the many festivities celebrated in Brunete, the following patron saint and popular festivities stand out:

SAINT SEBASTIAN, the once the patron saint of the town. Festivities start off with the naming of each year's members of the fraternity. These will, with an olive tree branch, go door to door during the previous week to the festivities, asking for donations for the 19th and 20th of January auction.

CORPUS CHRISTI. After the service, with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, there's a beautiful procession through the town's streets. These are beautifully decorated with colorful sand and flower petals.

SAINT ISIDORE. During the 14th and 15th of May, there's a pilgrimage to the saint's Prairie. A religious service takes place and the locals camp there for the night

FESTIVITIES FOR THE HOLY CHRIST OF THE PATROCINIO. To honor the town's patron saint, from the 6th to the 15th of September, festivities take place.


Great variety of cultural events make our town unique: shows, displays, sporting events, gastronomic events, excursions...

FAIRS. The annual poultry fair, monthly classic American cars (second Sunday of the month), artisanal market (first Sunday of the month), the annual tapa fair, book fair, Real Mercado Siglo de Oro (artisanal market inspired in the 17th century).

DIFFERENT CONTESTS. The Ana María Vidal theatre contest, the Visualia short film contest, the David Cantero poetry contest, the Amateur and Christmas theatre contest.

INTERESTING CULTURAL ACTIVITIES. Carnival, café theatre, cultural week, Comedy Film Festival, the Dulce Chacón annual novel prize, etc. Living representation during Holy Week of the Passion of Christ "the Nazareth".