Many centuries of History have built up the life of Brunete’s people. Throughout all these years they’ve managed to cherish and bequeath their traditions and customs. Brunete has encouraged and preserved its roots. In Brunete there is a great tradition of CASTILLIAN DANCES, derived from the Segovian dances such as “jotas” and “rondones”, which with the passing of time have received different influences, adding the “seguidillas”. On that same note, Brunete’s traditional costume still has its segovian roots.

The biggest festivity of the town is on September 14th, day of the patron saint of the villa, THE HOLY CHRIST OF THE PATROCINIO. During this day, the streets are fully decorated and the Main Square holds different scenes from the past, traditional dances. It is from here that the saint is paraded. Another big festivity is the day of SAINT SEBASTIAN, he was for many centuries the saint protector of the villa. The tradition is for the San Sebastian Fraternity to organize festive acts and for the whole town to pitch in for the festivity to be raised.

The HOLY WEEK is also a big event for Brunete. the day of the CORPUS CHRISTI, a day the Town Hall has requested to be labeled as a festivity of Regional Tourist Interest. Friends and families gather from dawn to cover the streets with colourful, religiously-decorated sand-rugs. The locals decorate their doorways with fresh plants and flowers, Spanish flags and banners. Every May 15, Brunete celebrates SAN ISIDRO (St. Isidore). The farmers of the town are the ones in charge of its organization at the Pradera de San Isidro (St. Isidore’s Prairie). Here, hundreds of locals gather to have a picnic lunch with their family and friends.



    2nd SATURDAY - Classic American Cars
    1st SUNDAY - Artisans Fair

  • JANUARY 20th

    St. Sebastian. Religious Events and Procession


    Theater Festival, Poetry Festival, Novel Festival, Book Fair


    Live representation of The Passion of Christ, “The Nazarene” before Palm Sunday


    Religious Events – Procession on Good Friday


    "Feria De La Tapa"

  • MAY 15th

    Religious Events – Procession – Floral Rugs

  • JUNE

    International Folklore Festival


    Open Air Cinema - Concerts


    Cultural Week – Patron Saint Festivities – Religious Events – Bullfighting - Sports


    HALLOWEEN - Visualia Short Film Festival Annual Poultry Fair


    Xmas and Epiphany, Children’s Workshops, Shows, Magic, Concerts, Nativity Contest, Three Wise Men Parade