Brunete has a Mediterranean climate, with young, not very deep soils, used as farming land or forest ground. The municipality is in a spectacular natural environment. On the east, it has the PARQUE REGIONAL DEL CURSO MEDIO DEL RIO GUADARRAMA - Regional Park of the Middle Guadarrama River Basin, and to the west, the ZONA DE ESPECIAL PROTECCION DE AVES (ZEPA) - Special Bird Protection Area- for the oak forests of the Alberche and Cofio rivers.


The Regional Park of the Middle Guadarrama River Basin is full of natural values. Geologically we can differentiate the granitic ramp of the mountain range and the detrital field, which at the same time, are home to 5 large vegetation types: groves and riversides, holm oaks, thickets and grasslands, reforested pines and rainfed crops. The plant formation is based on holm oak, bush and broom, along with other tree species that make up a landscape of special beauty.


In the municipality that is Brunete there are:
• 908 hectare (3.5 mi2) of clear Mediterranean climate that deserve protection.
• 4.9% of the park. The Sacedon Meadow should be highlighted, as it protects almos 38% of the river Guadarrama basin and is located almost interely with in Brunete’s municipality.


Throughout the municipality there are many natural streams, such as Cienvallejos, El Fresnedal or Los Morales. These represent the richness of the underground aquifers, which spread all over the town, making it especially fertile for farming. At the same time, the HUMEDAL DEL CHARCO POLEO, recently resurfaced, is a refuge for migratory birds. Here we can find some species, mainly amphibians, typical of this region.


All this plant wealth serves as a habitat for a very rich and diverse FAUNA, highlighting some specimens included in the Regional Catalog of Threatened Species such as the Iberian imperial eagle, the vulture, the black stork, the wild cat, the pond turtle (Mauremys leprosa) or the frog of San Antón.