The town lies within an astonishing natural environment, which has been protected throughout the centuries as it is part of its identity as a town. Fauna and flora hold a town that cherishes its agricultural roots. Such roots like the Madrid Chickpea, native to this land. It has been harvested in this lands for centuries now and it is the star of a very rich gastronomy.


From the Main Square’s lower stone staircase, in the direction of the Jardinillos (Small gardens), two streets start. Both start off at a roundabout where the monument RAICES (Roots) stands, which remembers, through traditional farming equipment and evocation to the land and hunting animals, the town’s farming past and present. To its left, the Boadilla del Monte stroll begins, where we can find the park of Our Lady of the Assumption, topped by the BANDSTAND, place dedicated to cultural and local activities.



The REMAINS OF THE BATTLE OF BRUNETE remind us or the cruelest time of history, which took place on July 1937. For history enthusiasts, there is a war route that starts where the roads M-600 and M-501 converge. There we can find a group of curved-shaped bunkers, typically built by the Republican faction. This route continues until the kilometer 33 of the M-600 road, where more bunkers can be found. These are cross shaped, used mainly by the Nationalist faction. Nowadays, there are a total of 14 bunkers, and they are included on the Catálogo de Bienes Protegidos (Catalogue of Protected Sites). One can still today read the inscriptions the soldiers carved into the bunkers during the battle. These bunkers were once interconnected by underground tunnels and trenches that are today almost gone.